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Author Topic: Update Notes v.91  (Read 2894 times)


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Update Notes v.91
« on: December 05, 2013, 07:04:31 PM »
The wait is finally over! New Forgotten Myths expansion set “Nature’s Fury” has been released!

This expansion brings a whole new faction to the Forgotten Myths universe. Here is a sneak peek from the story:
“The war between Mara, Thengel, and Khubera now threatens the forest kingdoms to the west. Druids of the Berethil Forest gather their forces to defend their sanctuaries. The River Kingdom makes an alliance with the druid lords against the invading forces.
The disturbance within the woodlands awakens the dormant and silent forest creatures. Fangs, claws and teeth now become weapons. Ents of the Aiar Temple convene the Old Council to once again fight back the intruders that march on their doorstep.”

New Green Faction Set!
- With Nature's Fury bringing the total number of cards above 200, you can now collect brand new cards, test out new decks & strategies and expand your collection.
- Two new classes: Nature’s Fury will introduce two new card classes with unique abilities: Druids and Ents!
- 5 New Singleplayer Campaigns specific to Nature’s Fury.
- New unlockable portraits and 2 new promo portraits exclusive to the new faction.

- With this expansion, players will now be able to create, and join guilds! Form your guild, gather your friends, and start climbing the guild ranks to gain access to exclusive guild cards.
- Guilds will also be able to wage wars against other guilds in future expansions, so get your guild ready for battle!
- Players can apply to a guild from the Guild section in the Library. Players can also leave a guild within the guild page.
- There are 5 ranks within a guild: Guild Leader, Veteran, Knight, Member and Initiate. 
- After creating a guild, the guild leader is be able to accept applicants into the guild, promote, demote or remove members, adjust the tax rate of the guild. Veterans can also promote or demote players, and help the Guild Leader in day to day operations of the guild.
- Guild members can contribute to guild ratings by winning Singleplayer, 1v1, Battleground or Duel matches.
- Guild members can also access the Guild Lounge which is exclusive to guilds. Guild Leader or Veterans can purchase an item from the lounge using guild coins and assign the item to a guild member. Alternatively, each guild member can purchase an item directly from the lounge using Emeralds.

Guild Chat!
- Guild members will now be able to chat within an exclusive Guild Channel to talk about decks, strategies, guild progress and guild wars.
- Guild members will also be able to see other online guild members from within the Guild Channel.

Exclusive Battlefields!
- We introduce 5 new purchasable battlefields that will customize your gameplay! These battlefields will also have awesome special abilities that will be available with the upcoming expansions.

Referral System!
- You can now spread the word and invite your friends to Forgotten Myths! Whenever a new player refers you, you will get the same amount of emeralds from their first in-game purchase!
- Moreover, you can jumpstart your Forgotten Myths account with 2000 coins, and 5 random cards (including 1 rare card) if you refer another player!

Other fixes:
- Auction Slider now works correctly on mobile devices.
- Incremental Auction Bid system is in place.
- Win/Loss information is now displayed correctly before entering a game.
- Chat Button will now display a “Chat*” when you have a new message.
- A new loop option for game music has been added to the Options menu.
- A bug causing a mismatch error with garrisoned cards has been fixed.